Concrete & Stone

Concrete and stone which can be found in both internal and external locations is another popular material for flooring substrates. To improve appearance and to protect the surface it is common practice to apply a flooring paint to concrete or in the case of stone apply a surface sealer. Unfortunately in many cases this causes the surface to become slippery when wet. Surefoot Systems UK can solve the problems of slippery concrete and stone with a range of anti-slip coatings that are durable hard wearing and can be applied with minimal down time. This means that manufacturing/production areas and access ramps can be back in service within hours. For an example of the work we have carried out to provide non-slip flooring on concrete and stone surfaces click here.

External Anti-Slip Decking Sheets. Large Primary School. Maidstone Kent

Anti-Slip Decking Sheets

Concrete Flooring – University Sports Complex. Leeds

Concrete Flooring Leeds

Local Authority Swimming Pool Complex

Concrete Floor Slip Resistance

Non Slip Concrete Coating
Manufacturing Area

anti slip coating for concrete

Concrete Access Ramp

Access Ramp Anti-Slip Treatment

Slippery Concrete Ramp

Slippery Concrete Ramp

Special Needs School

Concrete Floor Anti Slip Treatment

Manufacturing Area

Non Slip Concrete Floor Treatment

Concrete Treatment
Retail Outlet

non slip forecourt