Local Authority Swimming Pool Complex

The flooring surface of the changing rooms and showers in this public swimming pool had badly deteriorated due to the failure of a previously laid floor screed. Sharpe edges were protruding on the surface causing high risk to bare feet. The surface was also attracting dirt and grease and in some areas was showing signs of heavy bacterial build up. From a health & safety point of view and a visual aspect the council were forced into action.

So that minimal disruption was caused to swimming lessons and public swimming one half of the changing rooms was closed down. All cubicles were removed by the council. The original floor screed which had a resin screed topping was removed using very heavy duty floor grinders. All debris and dust was then collected and the remaining floor surface thoroughly vacuumed to remove all final dust. Finally a high build liquid applied heavy duty anti-slip resin in light blue was installed throughout all areas which improves floor slip resistance. On completion this was Pendulum slip tested for compliance.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Existing floor screed lifting and breaking up
  • High risk from sharp lose edges
  • Bacterial growth and dirt attraction with bad appearance
  • Very busy public usage with minimal shut downs


  • Tough durable hard wearing anti-slip resin applied
  • Totally seamless smooth finish with high level of slip resistance
  • Easy clean surface resistant to bacteria and grease
  • Work completed in two halves to allow location to stay open