Anti Slip Coating for Concrete - Manufacturing Company Leeds

This large concrete floor in a manufacturing plant in Leeds had previously been coated with a basis concrete floor paint but not anti slip coating for concrete.  As such the surface was quite slippery particularly when wet as the existing coating had very poor slip resistance.  In a number of areas, due to heavy traffic, the existing coating had also lost adhesion to the concrete.

The floor was first blast tracked to remove all existing coating and to surface key the underlying concrete substrate.  A high build durable anti-slip resin coating system was then applied which included a concrete primer and 2 coats of heavy duty non slip resin.  The finished surface now has been visually upgraded and has a slip resistance value well in excess of  the minimum requirements set by the UK HSE for a manufacturing area of this type. The work was completed over a weekend with minimal disruption and down time.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Painted concrete floor with poor slip resistance
  • Risk of slip accidents for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Poor appearance
  • Limited down time available



  • High build  anti-slip resin coating applied
  • Slip resistance dramatically increased
  • Appearance improved with decorative colour
  • Fast curing resin system installed