Access Ramp Anti-Slip Treatment - Public Library

This newly built multi-level series of concrete access ramps was constructed at the rear of a public library in the North East of the UK for disabled pedestrian and wheel chair access.

The architects specified an access ramp anti-slip treatment with a coloured seamless coating that would provide a hard wearing anti-slip finish to the concrete surface. It was also specified that the landing areas should be finished in a different contrasting colour to the main ramp areas to comply with DDA legislation.

To apply the access ramp anti-slip treatment a two pack fast curing and hard wearing resin coating was applied to the entire surface of the ramps in light grey and in a deeper contrasting purple colour to the landings. To achieve optimum adhesion to the new concrete a damp tolerant surface primer was applied first. The coating system was then applied with rollers incorporating a hard wearing bauxite non-slip particle within the resin.  The identical resin was also applied to some concrete steps.

The wet slip resistance of the finished coating gave a recorded reading of 55PTV with a Pendulum. Well above minimal requirements


non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • New Concrete potentially slippery when wet
  • Concrete was not DDA Compliant
  • Poor appearance to concrete
  • Steps not DDA Compliant


  •  Anti-slip resin applied directly on to concrete.
  • Resin applied in contrasting colours for DDA compliance
  • Concrete appearance improved
  • Resin highlights applied to steps for DDA compliance