Concrete Flooring – University Sports Complex. Leeds

The concrete floors in this new sports building complex required a hard wearing Antislip coating to seal and protect the concrete. Because some of the locations were changing rooms with showers the architects specified a requirement of minimum 36 PTV for the wet slip resistance. They also required a tough coating to withstand football boots and a colour that would be aesthetically pleasing.

The entire concrete substrate was first rotary ground using a specialist concrete grinding machine to remove all surface contamination and plaster/cement spills. The surface was then vacuumed to remove all dust and debris before being rotary cleaned with a citrus based cleaner degreaser applied by scrubber dryer. A concrete primer was then applied to the entire prepared areas by rollers followed by 2 coats of a solvent free high build resin coating in Dark Blue. The resin coating incorporated an anti-slip particle within the coats that provided a slip resistance of minimum 38 PTV.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • New dusty concrete flooring
  • Porous substrate
  • Very large total area
  • Potential slips from shower water


  • Concrete sealed with a Water Based Primer and seamless Resin coating
  • Substrate now totally resistant to water
  • Very cost effective solution for large area
  • High slip resistance in wet conditions