Slippery Concrete Ramp - University Leeds West Yorksire

This concrete Access ramp at a University in Leeds was extremely slippery in wet conditions due to the high gloss finish of the existing coating. A number of slip incidents had been reported by pedestrians.

The existing coating was first prepared with rotary equipment and a Surefoot anti-slip resin treatment applied. The work was completed over a weekend with minimal disruption and down time. The slip resistance has now been dramatically increased on the previously slippery concrete ramp and the safety for pedestrians improved.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Slippery Concrete Ramp
  • High Risk To Pedestrians
  • Steep Slope increasing Risk
  • Minimal down time available


  • Anti-slip Resin treatment installed
  • Risk to pedestrians reduced
  • High wet slip resistance created on steep slope
  • Completed over a weekend with  limited disruption