Granite, Marble & Limestone

The attractive aesthetic appearance of granite, marble and limestone flooring means that it is often used in commercial applications such as shopping complexes, reception areas to hotels and entrances to offices and shops. It is therefore very important that these surface types which are often found to be very slippery when wet are slip-resistant as generally the sites will have exceptionally high levels of foot fall and an increased risk of slip accidents. . Surefoot Systems UK has improved the slip resistance of granite, marble and limestone flooring for many large organisations throughout the UK. For case studies click here.

Marble Steps. Busy Commercial Office. Manchester

Marble Steps Manchester

Shopping Centre

anti slip treatment for limestone

Retail Outlet

Anti-Slip Marble Tiles - Retail Outlet - Solihull

Limestone Entrance
International Bank

External Limestone Anti Slip Treatment

Granite steps
Shopping Centre

Non Slip Tread for Steps