Concrete Floor Anti Slip Treatment - Access Ramp - Special Needs School

Concrete floor anti slip treatment for a concrete access ramp to this special school in North Yorkshire. The ramp was in urgent need of resurfacing due to frost damage to the concrete surface. The surface also was considered to be a potential slip hazard to pedestrians and wheel chair users. An anti slip treatment for concrete was therefore recommended.

The concrete surface was first thoroughly cleaned to remove all surface contaminations. A rotary diamond grinder was then used to remove all loose concrete and to profile the surface. All damaged areas of the surface were then repaired using a fast curing epoxy repair mortar prior to the application of a high build liquid applied resin treatment. An anti-slip bauxite particle was scattered into the surface of the resin to increase the wet slip resistance.


non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Damaged concrete surface creating potential trip hazard
  • Poor slip resistance in wet conditions
  • Unacceptable visual appearance
  • Limited down time available to undertake the work


  • Damaged concrete repaired reducing trip hazards
  • Risk of slip accidents dramatically reduced
  • Visual appearance upgraded to acceptable level
  • Work completed in 2 days with minimal restriction to access