Anti-Slip Marble Tiles - Retail Outlet - Solihull


The marble floor tiles in this high brand jewellers shop in Solihull had extremely poor slip resistance when wet. Because the outlet was in a shopping centre and very near to an external entrance the health & safety manager instructed that the safety of the tiles should be improved.

The carpets and surrounding trim was first masked off and covered. The tiles were then deep cleaned and degreased. The anti-slip marble treatment was then applied directly on to the surface manually with flat cotton pads. Finally the surface was swilled with water and wet vacuumed dry.

The wet slip resistance of the marble floor tiles was increased well above minimal requirements

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Poor wet  slip resistance
  • Limited down time
  • Replacement impossible & expensive
  • High risk of slip accidents


  • Slip resistance increased above minimal requirements
  • Work undertaken when unit was closed
  • Replacement tiles not required saving costs
  • Slip risk reduced