Non Slip Tread for Steps - Granite - Manchester Retail Outlet

This large retail & leisure complex in Manchester was accessed through a decorative archway up an unusual set of granite steps.  Non slip tread for steps were required, as it had been reported to the Facilities Manager that a number of pedestrians had lost their footing whilst on the steps due to the fact that the step edges were not highlighted. The visual aspect of the steps was also compromised due to the fact that there was a sloping ramp down the centre of the steps that was not clearly obvious to pedestrians.

Each step edge was masked off and a high build, hard wearing, fast curing liquid applied resin was applied.  Anti-slip bauxite particles were incorporated into the surface of the coating to increase the slip resistance of the surface.  The black finish to each step nosing now clearly highlights the edge of each step improving safety for pedestrians.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • External Steps not highlighted
  • High risk of trip/fall accidents
  • Not compliant (DDA) for partially sighted pedestrians
  • Work had to be completed in limited time frame


  • Step edges highlighted in contrasting colour
  • Risk of trip/fall accidents dramatically reduced
  • Now fully DDA compliant
  • Work completed in 2 days