Vinyl Flooring Engineering Works Huddersfield West Yorkshire

This decorative Vinyl flooring in an access corridor of a large international engineering company had very poor slip resistance when wet. Pendulum Testing showed that the slip resistance was well below the recommended levels. Due to a sloping section of the corridor the risk of slips was even greater therefore the management decided to take pro- active action to reduce the risk.

The surface was  first cleaned and degreased with a rotary scrubber dryer and floor scrubbing machines. A surface stripper was then used to remove all wax polish and seal. A two pack heavy duty anti-slip resin was then applied to the entire floor area by rollers as a two coat system. Because the resin was a mat finish the existing colour and decorative appearance of the vinyl was not affected. The slip resistance was also increased to over 45 PTV in wet conditions.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • High risk of slips when surface was wet
  • Decorative High Gloss Finish
  • Replacement expensive and disruptive
  • Busy high foot fall area


  • Slip Resistance increased using a clear anti-slip coating
  • Decorative finish maintained and unaffected
  • Existing floor treated in situ with no disruption
  • Work undertaken at weekends