Terrazzo Flooring Treatment – Busy Railway Station North East of England

The Terrazzo floor surface in this very large  busy railway station had become extremely slippery when wet. Due to the covered yet open aspects of the station concourse the surface was susceptible to slips due to high levels of condensation and moisture deposits. The surface had also become polished due to the rigorous cleaning regime. The facilities team recognised that passengers entering the main concourse were at risk of slip accidents due to these factors.

For this Terrazzo Flooring Treatment the surface was first microscopically etched to remove the surface shine and polish. This was done with a rotary scrubber dryer and floor scrubbing machines. A moisture reactive non slip treatment was then applied to the fully prepared area to increase the slip resistance when the surface was wet.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • High risk of slips when surface was wet
  • Very busy site with minimal shut downs
  • Replacement not an option
  • Very large area so cost effective solution required


  • Slip Risk reduced with moisture reactive anti-slip treatments
  • Work undertaken at night in cordoned off sections
  • Existing floor surface treated in situ
  • Cost effective solution for large areas