Porcelain Floor Tiles Restaurant Ilkley Yorkshire

Porcelain Non Slip Treatment was required for decorative floor tiles in this well know Italian restaurant, as they were extremely slippery when wet, particularly directly off the entrance matting.

Customers entering the building were at high risk of slips especially with designer footwear or very smooth souled shoes. The management decided to take a two pronged attack to reduce the risk of slip accidents.

Firstly the tiles were thoroughly degreased and cleaned with a rotary scrubbing machine. For the Porcelain Non Slip Treatment, an invisible reactive moisture was applied to all tiles throughout the restaurant. 

Finally for added safety, Surefoot Aqua Tape was installed in strips directly adjacent to the entrance door matting. All work was completed in the early morning before the site opened for lunch service

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • High risk of slips when surface was wet
  • Existing  high cost decorative finish
  • Replacement not an option
  • Very busy site with long opening hours


  • Slip Risk reduced with moisture reactive anti-slip treatments
  • Very cost effective option with minimal surface alteration
  • Existing floor tiles treated in situ
  • Work completed in 6 hours prior to lunch time opening