Slippery Vinyl Flooring - Restaurant Kitchen - Barnsley

Slippery vinyl flooring in the Kitchen of this high class restaurant in Barnsley had previously been covered in a sheet vinyl flooring system. After only 18 months the joints in the vinyl had begun to split and the surface of the vinyl was found to be extremely dangerous when wet  in terms of slip resistance. Also the upstands were proving to be difficult to clean and very unhygienic.

The slippery vinyl flooring was completely removed together with all  up-stands and the surface first cleaned down and repaired to remove existing adhesive. A 6mm two pack high performance anti-slip resin screed was then installed over the entire kitchen floor area including store rooms and steps. New upstands throughout the kitchen were also created in the same seamless resin system. Finally the new floor surface was sealed with a sealer incorporating non-slip particles.


non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Vinyl surface extremely slippery when wet
  • Joints failing throughout the floor area
  • Many joints to upstands causing a hygeine problem
  • Floor surface not easy to clean


  • Flooring replaced with an anti-slip resin system
  • Installed with no joints or seams
  • Upstands replaced in seamless resin
  • Sealed surface now easy to clean