Slippery Terrazzo Tile - Amusement Arcade Entrance - North Wales

Slippery Terrazzo Tile entrance to this amusement arcade in North Wales was extremely slippery when wet.  Changing the surface would have involved considerable structural disturbance and high cost.

The slip resistance of the existing surface was increased using an invisible moisture reactive treatment which was applied in sections whilst the arcade was still open.  The surface was first thoroughly cleaned and degreased using a rotary scrubber dryer.  The AntiSlip treatment was then applied by low pressure spray.  The slip resistance of the surface has now been dramatically increased with no disruption to customers using the arcade.

non slip flooring solution
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  • Terrazzo surface slippery when wet
  • Structural replacement costly and disruptive
  • High slip risk to pedestrians
  • Limited downtime available


  • Wet slip resistance of the surface increased
  • Cost effective solution with no structural disruption
  • Risk of slip accidents dramatically reduced
  • Completed in one day / minimal downtime