Wet Slippery Porcelain Tiles - City Council Reception

Wet slippery porcelain tile flooring in the main reception area of this large council building in Stafford were a safety hazard, as they were found to have poor slip resistance when wet. Moisture being carried from external areas was creating a health and safety risk to both staff and visitors. The management team instructed that a pendulum test be undertaken to asses the slip resistance of the tiles. The results confirmed that the wet slip resistance was below expectations and the decision was taken for Surefoot Systems to treat the tiles with a moisture reactive invisible treatment.

The wet slippery porcelain tile problem was resolved after the work was carried out over a weekend whilst the building was closed, with minimal disruption and down time.

non slip flooring solution
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  • Porcelain Floor Tiles Slippy When Wet
  • Increased Risk of Slip Accidents
  • Poor Pendulum Test Readings
  • Busy County Council Office Reception


  • Wet Slip Resistance Increased
  • Reduced Risk of Slip accidents
  • Increased Pendulum Readings
  • Work undertaken with Minimal Disruption