Resin Non Slip Coatings for Metal - Metal Boat Jetty - Wakefield

Resin Non Slip Coatings for Metal was required after the Facilities Manager at this Country Park had identified that the concrete ramp down to the lakeside was a potential safety hazard. Sailing club members using the ramp to board sailing dinghies were at high risk due to the slippery surface of the ramp caused by algae growth and water immersion.

The decision was taken to construct a heavy metal plated ramp and fix this over the existing concrete.  The metal was first shot blasted to prepare the surface and then a heavy duty flexible corrosion resistant resin incorporating anti-slip bauxite particles was applied.  Even though this is fully immersed in the lake the slip resistance characteristics have been outstanding.

non slip flooring solution
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  • Existing surface slippery due to algae
  • Particularly dangerous – water immersed
  • Potential liability claims
  • High risk to sailing club members


  • Steel plate treated with flexible anti-slip resin
  • Wet slip resistance increased
  • Reduced risk to sailing club members
  • Algae growth eliminated