Quarry Tile Non Slip Treatment - Leisure Centre Kitchen - Huddersfield

Quarry Tile Non Slip Treatment was required for a kitchen in this local authority leisure centre in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, as it was identified as a potential slip hazard. The quarry tiles which had been laid when the centre was originally built were extremely slippery when wet. A Pendulum Slip Test revealed that the surface of the tiles was High Risk – 22PTV Replacement was virtually impossible due to the working hours of the kitchen and also due to expense.

The tiles were first deep cleaned using a rotary floor scrubber and high strength degreasing agent. An invisible nonslip tile treatment suitable for quarry tiles was then applied directly on to the surface. The work was undertaken with minimal disruption and the slip resistance of the tiles was increased. A further Pendulum Test revealed a slip risk potential after treatment of Low Risk- 42PTV.


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  • Existing quarry floor tiles slippery when wet
  • Risk to staff carrying heavy items
  • Limited shut down
  • Very expensive replacement costs


  • Wet slip resistance increased
  • Risk of slip accidents dramatically reduced
  • Work undertaken in half a day with minimal disruption
  • Very cost effective solution