Tactile Hazard Warning Surface - Terrazzo - Retail Outlet

The Terrazzo steps and landing to the entrance of this large city centre store in Nottingham were not compliant for partially sighted customers. There were no step highlights and no tactile hazard warning surface on the landing at the top of the steps.

Step High Lights

The steps were highlighted with a fast curing black liquid applied anti-slip resin treatment that has outstanding adhesion to all types of hard surface. This tough chemically resistant resin material was applied by rollers with minimal structural disturbance to the steps or Terrazzo surface.

Tactile Hazard Warning Surface

On the landing area at the top of the steps a retrofit anti-slip hazard warning surface was installed in black to match the step highlights. This unique system that is fixed directly into the surface and bonded in place was installed with minimal structural alteration to the Terrazzo surface.

The entire installation to both the steps and landing was undertaken in two halves whilst the store was open and completed in approximately 10 hours.

non slip flooring solution
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  • Busy Retail entrance Not Compliant for the partially sighted
  • No Step Highlights
  • No Tactile Hazard warning Surface to landing
  • Structural alteration impossible


  • Step Highlights & Hazard Warning surface installed
  • Liquid resin applied to step nosings in contrasting colour
  • Retrofit Tactile Hazard Warning strips installed to landing area
  • No Structural alteration required