External Slippery Timber Decking - Public Park

This external slippery timber decking area adjacent to a café in a Middlesbrough park was extremely slippery when wet. A number of slip incidents had been reported in wet conditions where pedestrians leaving the café had slipped on the wet external decking due to its poor wet slip resistance.

The slippery timber decking area was first thoroughly cleaned down to remove all loose dirt and debris. GRP strips incorporating an anti-slip surface were then installed in the centre of each decking board across the entire area of decking. The anti-slip strips were fixed using stainless steel fixings.

The slip resistance and safety of the decking has now been transformed with minimal disruption or structural disturbance.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Wooden decking slippery when wet
  • High Risk of slip accidents
  • Appearance change to be compatible with the environment
  • Work to be completed with minimal disruption and structural disturbance


  • Wet slip resistance increased
  • Risk of slip accidents dramatically reduced
  • Installed in compatible colour to substrate
  • Minimal disruption or structural disturbance caused