Slippery Wooden Decking - Childrens Play Centre - Harrogate

This small foot bridge leading into the garden of a children’s play centre is constructed of timber and had slippery wooden decking. In wet weather conditions and also due to moss and lichen growth the surface of the bridge was extremely slippery.

The surface was first thoroughly cleaned using wire brushes to remove all surface contamination. Pre-formed retrofit anti-slip grip plates were then fixed using stainless steel fixing’s directly on top of each separate decking board. To add decorative appeal the grip plates were manufactured in a red colour. The slip resistance and safety of the foot bridge  has now been dramatically transformed

non slip flooring solution
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  • Wooden surface slippery when wet
  • High risk of slip accidents
  • Replacement expensive & disruptive
  • Short term coating solutions not an option


  • Wet slip resistance increased
  • Potential for slip accidents reduced
  • Cost effective solution with minimal disruption
  • Durable retrofit solution with minimum 10 year life expectancy