Slippery Decking At Large Independent School – Surrey

This large school in Surrey had invested a large amount of money installing this eco-friendly plastic decking.

Unfortunately it was found after installation that in wet weather conditions the surface was extremely slippery.

Replacement of the slippery decking was not an option so the schools facilities manager chose to install Surefoot anti-slip Decking Strips to create a safe walkway.

The safe anti-slip walkway was created in a contrasting highlight colour

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Wooden surface slippery when wet
  • High risk of slip accidents
  • Replacement impossible due to costs
  • No other long term options


  • Slip Resistance now well above minimal requirements
  • Slip risk reduced in walkway area
  • Retrofit to surface therefore no replacement required
  • Long term solution to the problem