Slippery Metal Steps - Chequer Plate - Leisure Centre - Gloucester

A large leisure centre in the Midlands were having problems with slippery metal steps on an external metal chequer plate staircase to the rear of the centre. Staff using this staircase were finding that in wet weather conditions the steps were extremely dangerous.  In addition moss and lichen growth to the surface of the steps was increasing the risk of slip accidents.

Each step was first thoroughly rotary cleaned to remove all surface contamination rust and lichen. The surface of the chequer plate was then thoroughly rotary abraded before the application of a galvanising primer. A liquid high build anti-slip resin was then applied to all steps and walkways by roller. The step nosings were highlighted in a safety yellow colour.

Work to the slippery metal steps was undertaken with minimal disruption or downtime and the safety and slip resistance of the steps has been dramatically improved.

non slip flooring solution
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  • External metal surface slippery when wet
  • High risk of slip accidents on external stair case
  • Anti-slip chequer plate profile now worn and expensive to replace
  • No visual highlights to step edges creating potential hazard
  • Main access area so work had to be completed in minimum time frame


  • Wet slip resistance increased
  • Risk of slip accidents dramatically reduced
  • Cost effective resurfacing with liquid applied treatment
  • Visual highlights installed to step edges reducing hazard
  • Work completed in 1 day with no disruption to access