Slippery Metal Stairs - Fire Escape - City Bank Sheffield

The slippery metal stairs to this large old metal chequer plate fire escape to the rear of the national bank in Sheffield were extremely slippery when wet. Staff using the fire escape to undertake security checks to the building were at high risk for potential slip accidents.

The existing metal surface was first thoroughly rotary cleaned to remove surface corrosion and contamination. The nosing to each step was then masked off and a High Build Liquid Resin incorporating an anti-slip particle was applied.  The work was carried out manually with limited equipment as access to the area was very limited. The wet slip resistance and safety of the steps has now been dramatically increased

non slip flooring solution
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  • Existing metal surface slippery when wet
  • Potential for slip accidents& claims
  • Limited access
  • High cost to replace


  • Anti-slip Resin applied with high slip resistance
  • Reduced risk of accidents and claims
  • Work undertaken with limited equipment & manual tools
  • Cost effective material applied to existing structure