Non-Slip Entrance Flooring for Schools, Universities & Colleges

University Entrance/Reception – Porcelain Tiles

This large porcelain tiled ramp in the main entrance of a large Sheffield university was constructed as part of a multi-million pound extension to the university. Within a few weeks of opening numerous slip incidents were reported which were due to the poor slip resistance of the smooth porcelain tiles.

The entire surface area of the ramp and first floor reception were treated with a clear moisture reactive non-slip safety treatment. This dramatically increased the wet slip resistance of the porcelain tiles even in the steepest sections of the ramp with minimal surface appearance alteration to the tiles. Non-slip entrance flooring (anti-slip) treatment has virtually eliminated slip incidents since being applied.

non slip flooring solution
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  • Surface extremely slippery when wet
  • Numerous slip incidents reported on steep gradient
  • Limited down time available
  • Major costs to replace existing tiles


  • Wet slip resistance dramatically improved
  • Reported slip incidents eliminated
  • Work undertaken in one day over a bank holiday
  • Cost effective repairs with no structural disturbance