Anti-Slip Terrazzo Treatment

Shopping Centre


This sloping Terrazzo entrance way to a large shopping centre in the East of the UK had become quite slippery when wet due to years of heavy foot traffic. The degree of slope was also creating additional risk in terms of slip accidents. The client required an anti-slip terrazzo treatment.

The surface was first thoroughly deep cleaned with a concentrated cleaner degreasing product applied by rotary scrubbing machine.  Once all deeply engrained dirt had been removed the surface was swilled with water and wet vacuumed dry.  A clear moisture reactive non slip floor treatment was then applied directly on to the Terrazzo surface.  The visual appearance of the surface was dramatically improved and the wet slip resistance of the Terrazzo substantially increased.

All work was completed out of hours by Surefoot operatives whilst the shopping centre was closed.  The entrance way was ready for pedestrian’s traffic upon completion of the treatment early the following morning.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Terrazzo Surface slippery when wet
  • Visual appearance of the surface poor
  • Increased risk of slip accidents due to slope
  • Limited shut down time available


  • Invisible anti-slip treatment applied to increase wet slip resistance
  • Surface deep cleaned with high strength degreaser
  • High increase in wet slip resistance to allow for slope
  • Work undertaken and completed in one evening