Deep Clean at Swimming Pool Complex - Sheffield

The tiles around two large swimming pools including changing rooms and toilets had a build up of grease, rust, limescale and dirt which had built up over many years. This surface contamination build up was unsightly  and the slip resistance negatively effected. The surface build up was was removed using highly effective products and specialist rotary high  pressure cleaning equipment. The visual appearance and slip resistance has now been substantially enhanced. The vast area  of floor tiles (2,900m2) including porcelain quarry and ceramic tiles was deep cleaned whilst the complex was closed in preparation for reopening.


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  • This large venue which had closed due to coronavirus restrictions required a thorough deep clean before reopening to the public.
  • Rust and limescale had made a detrimental impact on the aesthetic look of the floor tiles.
  • The surface contamination was effecting the slip resistance of the surface.


  • The total area was comprehensively deep cleaned whilst the complex was closed.
  • All rust and limescale was removed with high performance chemicals vastly improving the appearance.
  • All surface contamination was removed and the slip resistance was improved.