Ceramic Tile Anti-Slip Treatment - Community College

Community College – Ceramic Tiles

This large and modern community college in Devon had a serious safety problem with tiles on external staircases and balconies and required a Ceramic tile anti-slip treatment. When wet the tiles were extremely slippery which was particularly dangerous for students in wet weather conditions.

During a holiday shut down the tiles were first deep cleaned and degreased using an environmentally safe citrus based degreaser applied by rotary scrubbing machine.  All tiled surfaces were then treated with an invisible moisture reactive anti-slip treatment.

This treatment substantially increased the wet slip resistance of the tiles with no damage to the surface.

“The work was completed in 2 days with no structural disturbance.”

non slip flooring solution
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  • External tiles slippery when wet
  • High risk of slip accidents on external stair cases
  • Major structural cost to remove the tiles
  • Work had to be completed in short holiday period


  • Wet slip resistance increased with invisible moisture reactive treatment
  • Risk of slip accidents dramatically reduced
  • No structural disturbance involved
  • Work completed in 2 days