Anti Slip treatment in Kent Spa

Anti Slip treatment in Kent was undertaken when a new spa opened. There was limestone flooring specified through the swimming pool, toilets and showers and also marble flooring throughout the changing rooms. Prior to installation of our Anti Slip treatment in Kent, the flooring materials were slip tested and found to have relatively poor slip resistance. The owners requested that the marble and limestone be treated with an Anti Slip treatment to increase the wet slip resistance and improve the overall safety of the floors.

Following installation of both the limestone and marble flooring, and prior to the opening of the new spa, Surefoot Systems applied an Anti Slip System. After treatment the floor was slip tested and the readings confirmed that the slip resistance had been substantially increased.

non slip flooring solution
non slip flooring car showroom


  • Slippery flooring surface when wet
  • Risk of slips to pedestrians
  • High decorative appearance


  • Risk of slip accidents reduced
  • Decorative appearance only slightly altered
  • Very cost effective solution